A Year and Half of Waiting

That time seemed to go by so slowly and I was starting to feel like the build was never going to happen. There was delay after delay with each step leading up to actually breaking ground and no matter what I did to try to make it go as smoothly as possible, the other parties just ended up causing more delays. However now that we have broken ground and I see the dream becoming reality…it feels like time is just flying by.

Piles of dirt ready to be spread out. They climbed all over these things.
Spreading it out to make the foundation pad.

In the last few weeks they have come out to outline the perimeter of the house. I have to be honest, I am having a hard time seeing the dimensions. The home is going to be roughly 3900 sq feet, but it feels small standing in the interior of the wooden outline. I thought I was losing my mind so I had Richard measure all the exterior lines and it all adds up. I can’t wait to see it when its framed.

Outlining the foundation under a gorgeous Texas sky.

They have roughed in the plumbing so now I can see where all the bathrooms, sinks, and washing machines are. We have opted to have a laundry room that will accommodate 2 sets of washing machines. Our builder has kept in mind our future plans for a small barndominum and second story bathroom and has plumbed with that in mind as well.

We have pipes!

Next up the foundation guys came out and started building the “waffle” as my builder called it. The internet says that this is a reinforced concrete footing with a perimeter footing and internal beams. I asked him if we are building so that it could support a full second story someday (not that we will ever need that) and he said that it could easily support 3 stories (that will never happen).

The start of the foundation waffle.

They dropped off all the metal for the foundations grid and have just been plugging away. The kids have had a fun time going through the maze of trenches that have been dug in preparation for plumbing and foundation.

Some of these trenches were sooo deep. The kids loved it! (They were monitored of course…)

Being a part of each process has been so much fun and sometimes a little harrowing at times. I am so concerned that I will make a bad design decision, the options seem endless sometimes. Going through showrooms of windows and doors, stone and brink, flooring, lights, etc. Its an adventure and I have to remind myself that it is so awesome we are able to pick each little thing.

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