Throwback Thursday: Escrow!

Ok so background…this blog was posted on another platform June 4th 2014. At the time we lived in California, but we were working to sell our home and move to Texas. I think it is a fitting post for right now as we finish up the closing of our construction loan.

I have to say this process has been an exciting but stressful one. Here I am feeling that stress all over again…albeit I have done this a couple more times in the in-between. I am currently at the stage where I am saying I am never going to buy or sell a home ever again…haha… Clearly this threat was never realized. We had home inspections today and that seemingly went well. We just need the actual report to come in and then the buyers concessions on things that need fixing or deduction, etc. I have termite inspections, septic inspections, appraisals, and some other minor things to go through. I feel the tedium of this process all over again.

However the moving date is set for July 3rd! I can not believe it and I am just hoping and praying that time flies for us. I started another class, this time online. Also would really love to hear about John’s job transfer…it would set me at ease about our entire family moving in one piece at the same time. So very thankful that the stars did eventually align and our family stayed relatively whole. It took a little time of working in another city for John and then he worked from home.

 I received a sash (actually called a graduation stole...) from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program yesterday to wear at the graduation. I really appreciate how much these individuals believed in me.

Here I am with these awesome graduating STEM students
My sash/stole (their official name)! (Glad I did actually know the real name)
Yes, this crazy woman is me… Yup. Still crazy

And last week we went to the beach with my awesome family. Afterwards we went out to dinner with John, who had to work that day. 

The next day my kiddos had Track and Field day. Johnny got a ribbon for participation and Aurora actually won second place in the standing broad jump 🙂

The over the weekend Aurora and I had a girl scout meeting to attend. I am co-leader and some of the girls were done with activities earlier so we had an impromptu science session! They were awed by the awesome stuff they saw under the microscope. 

Man these kids have grown so much! Time has flown by!

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