Throwback Thursday: I Said Yes

Ok so background…this blog was posted on another platform June 22nd 2014. At the time we were living in Southern California. I hope you enjoy little bit of my past and the comments I insert in italics while looking back.

The proposal wasn’t entirely a surprise. I knew he had a ring (And by “knew” what I mean is I had scoured the closet for said box and taken a peek…bad Christine…bad), I knew what it looked like, but I did not know when and where it would happen. I found out when it would happen the day before. Mostly because he just wasn’t any good at keeping his excitement in lol. I don’t even remember his excitment…aww, that was nice to read.

The location was still a mystery. (I have to say I was pretty surprised about the location) He isn’t very good at keeping secrets and I am not great at surprises. (See earlier comment about “taking a peek”) So I asked a ton of questions. Really to no avail. I was told we would be walking on sidewalks (about like walking around in the mall), that it was within a 2 hour radius, it was not super dressy, and that we had been there before. Oh and that Ross was going to be there to take pictures of the event. 

So then once we headed south on the 15 fwy I realized we were headed to San Diego. My mind started turning… And finally I realized! Balboa Park, of course! The guys wouldn’t tell me one way or the other. However I was really hoping he would propose in front of the botanical garden/conservatory there as I love it. I love it so much that I had even considered how beautiful it would be to get married there one day! 

San Diego is beautiful and it was a wonderful day. A slight breeze, not too hot, and not too many people. 

All images are from the original blog, but the captions are not.

Not really sure why I thought this awesome picture of a fence was blog worthy… pretty confused here lol
Again with the fence and trash cans… face meet palm
…just…no comment

We arrived and went to the Natural History Museum, which was fun 🙂

Man that building is intricate
That is not a real dude which was more apparent in person.
OMG…Richard was sooo young
That will be a nope from me
Ok so clearly Ross was on camera because I am in the background
I miss those boots
Daddy shark is mad yo

Then we headed to my favorite place in the park! We walked through the conservatory. It was a beautiful moment. There was a man there playing violin for the public and so there was music in the background, not many people walking around, and Richard got down on one knee and asked me to Marry him!! Of course I said yes! 

I adore this building
In retrospect… That dress was not as flattering as I thought….
He was suuper nervous and SO WAS I…social stuff like this is really hard

As we were leaving there was a man doing Free caricatures so we went ahead and had one done. I love it! I am going to have it framed. (I never did have it framed, but I do still have it. I will be putting that on my to do list for sure)

After the proposal we went back to the Natural History Museum where we watched a 3D video on Sharks, then went to lunch to celebrate at a great local Thai Food restaurant! 

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